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Aero (The Demon Boy)
Name: Aero

Age: 13

Personality: Quiet, sensitive shy. (Other side: Evil, quiet, demonic)

Hobbies: Reading books and learning interesting things.
(Other Side: Searching for victim, killing them, watching them suffer)

(Who is Aero? He was hated and abandoned by his Father and his Mother "Avia" was the one who was taking care of him. His Father was enough of Aero and he want him dead, he wants a female baby but Avia doesn't want to do it again because she just wants one baby to take care of. He grabbed a axe on his basement and went to Aero's room to kill him but Avia saw it and blocked Aero so she was the one who died. Aero was shocked and ran away from his father until he saw a book on the street that has no title and the cover was plain dark red and the pattern around the book was black and elegantly well designed so he took it and started to read it while walking.

His silver eyes turned into pure red quickly, he felt really strong and powerful, and he took care of the book. He achieved the power of flames, levitation and teleportation. His mission now is to kill every single person by making a cursed website to summon him. [Since he read the book he is in between the living world and dead world] He will make them suffer and be trapped into the dead world forever)

[The ribbon on his clothes is from his Mother's hair design so he took it as a memory]

(Spoilers: He's on the story called "Game Over" written by me)
Guys Hello :D !!

I finished playing Mad Father and I got addicted to it so yeah..
It's not scary just like Mermaid Swamp and The Witch House, I also played Misao c: !

(I cannot complete the Mermaid Swamp, such jumpscares D: )
Secretly Vampire..?
EDIT: He's not Aero anymore and I decided to create a new "AERO" so I can make the hair white <3, Oki thanks :D
Goodbye, Aya (Mad Father Dio)
I finished drawing this little boy :3
You noticed that my art skills changed that fast, huh? Here's the people who helped me in my way <3

BishieSan - Hair shading tutorial

threewiishes - Eye shading tutorial

Yamicchi - Cloth shading tutorial

Idratherbeimperfect - Blood shading tutorial

Make sure to visit them because they improved my skills :D
Thanks c: !!
Before And After Drawing
O mah gawdd...

6 Months of drawing and improvement suddenly popped out..
(Yeah, this was post on Nov 2 but I finished it at 12 AM so yeah..)

Anyways.. My stomach is hurting like hell and also my head D:

Chapter 1: Special Day

     I was on Mix's room until I felt a strong vibration on my pocket, "I'll be back" I smiled and he nodded. I walked out into his room and stopped at the kitchen. Just in case if Mix is going to hear the conversation.

It was my Mom, I answered it, "Hoives Mom" I smiled.

She laughed a little and breathed softly through the phone, "Well, where is Mix? Isn't he curious about us forgetting his birthday?" She said.

"Heh, well.. kinda.. He was sad lately and he's now locking up into his room but I tried to cheer him up. He's not like the 'Annoying curious' person" I looked into Mix's room and no sign of him coming out of his room.

"I'm here wrapping his present, I'm so proud of you; you just wasted your earnings just for a nice black laptop" She said while I'm here hearing the paper rubbing together causing it to make a sound.

"Maybe he thought I forgot about him, boi Mom" I made a cute voice when I said 'boi' she laughed and said bye.

I ran into Mix's room, I opened the door and I saw, he was about to stand up but he sat back on his fluffy bed, that made me smile; I closed the door and sat next to him.

"Sorry for the long time that I wasted on you" I smiled nervously practically clenching his blanket in fear that he might get mad at me but he just rested his hand on my shoulder and smiled, "It's alright".

"Wanna go out and grab some fresh air sometimes..?" I looked at him then at his window widely open.

"Sure, I guess that can make my problems to swift away for a bit" He stood up and wore his floofy jacket. I walked up to him, "And that is..??"

"You.. You don't need to know it, it's my problems and I don't want you to get involved on it" He suddenly frowned but I cheered him up, "Hey, I won't force you to tell it, let's go outside and play tag shall we?"

"I thought we're just going to get some fresh air" He poker-faced me. My eyes widened in surprise that I totally forgot about it.

"You don't want to? At least fresh air can help you to dry those sweat and you can also feel it across your face" I relaxed my shoulders meaning being sad that he doesn't want to, "Okay, okay.." He ran outside happily.

"Hey! Wait for me!!" My heart was racing fast in happiness that I made him happy again, what I didn't know that he also forgot that we forgot his birthday.

"Tag! You're it!" He passed over me and tapped my shoulder, he was a pretty fast runner even though I rarely see him to exercise.

"I didn't even know it already started!" I laughed, "You're too excited to start it so I did!" He shouted with joy. That really made me happier seeing my young brother is happy again.

"Tag with parkour, on it!!" He laughed, "Hey! I don't even know how to parkour yet!!"

"You'll get used to it!" He smiled.

After hours of playing we decided to rest outside for a minute then we raced inside into the house then to the kitchen. We both practically tripped when we're near on the kitchen.

"That's a good race" I opened the fridge and grabbed the water bottle and drank it up, "Yup, it does"

Someone knocked into the door, "Sweetie I'm home!" It was Mom, I quickly ran into Mix's room while holding his hands then I blind folded him.

"Promise me you're not going to hear anything or go out" I said putting his headphones into his ears, he nodded, I closed the door and helped my Mom to decorate the house and prepare the foods.

It took hours of decorating but not too much..

"Done" I said wiping off the sweat to my forehead, "Use this, sweetie" My Mom handed me a towel. (Not the towel that used for taking a bath)

"I'll go get Mix" I said running with excitement on my face to Mix, I removed his headphone and carefully led him into the living room.

I looked at my Mom but she gave me a look like 'Remove his blindfold, it's all ready' I smiled. I removed the blindfold and he rubbed his eyes before he looked up.

"Whoa..." His face was surprised and he lighted up with happiness, "You didn't forgot about it! I thought you did!" He started to tear up and hugged both my Mom and I.

"How can we forget your birthday?" My Mom broke the hug and faced Mix; Mix was processing his answer that caused me to laugh silently.

"I shouldn't have asked that question" He blushed slightly, Mom laughed, "Let's go eat, okay?" We both nodded.

(Time Skip: On the eating part)

     Mom gave my present to him and he quickly unwrapped it leaving it ripped up on the carpet, "I've always wanted this!" He said as he hug the black laptop, "Thanks, Mom" He added. My Mom giggled and pointed her fingers on me.

"She brought this..?" He asked and she nodded smiling, Mix ran up to me and hugged me, I almost fell backwards.

"Thank you so much!!" He said tightening the hug, I softly rubbed his head smiling, I looked at my Mom and then she smiled.

"It's almost night, sleep now" She said softly, "Mix, sleep now, I'll go help Mom to fix the decorations so that it can be used at your next birthday" I smiled, he nodded.

After we put all the decorations on the box. Mom went to her room and I decided to sleep next to Mix, he sleeps so adorable. No wonder why people always 'Awwwweingg' When they see him. 


A/N:  Hi guys, I hope you liked the first chapter <3!! I don't have any Wattpad account so that's sad :l .. Anyways, if you want to get into the story, just comment down below and I'll decided if I should accept or not, thanks and bye! :D !
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